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The Contracts Department is responsible for the programming, tendering, contract signing, contract execution and monitoring of contracts. There are 5 sections within its structure.

Programming and Reporting

The Programming and Reporting Section is involved in preparation and planning activities to transfer the experience and expertise that the Unit has gained over two decades as a Contracting Authority into programme and project design.


The Procurement Section is the Section responsible for the tendering and contract signature processes for Services, Supply and Works of EU funded programmes.

Project Management

The Project Management (PM) Section represents the Contracting Authority during the implementation of contracts and ensures the smooth execution of Service, Supply and Works contracts in accordance with the contractual conditions. 

Grant/Twinning Evaluation

The Grant/Twinning Evaluation Section manages the tender processes of grant programmes, the negotiation processes of direct grant programmes and the selection processes of twinning projects until the contract signing phase. In addition, the Grant/Twinning Evaluation Section is responsible for the announcement of the Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme, the management of the evaluation processes, including the written examination, and the signing of the contracts.

Grant/ Twinning Monitoring

Grant/ Twinning Monitoring Section monitors the implementation processes of the "Grant", "Direct Grant" and "Twinning" contracts/agreements whose signature processes have been completed. It ensures that the funds allocated to the relevant contracts/agreements are used as committed in the documents annexed to the contract and in accordance with the contract rules.