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The Contract Department is represented by the Senior Contract Manager-Acting CFCU Director directly linked CFCU Director; the department is divided into 6 sections; namely, Twinning, Grant, Procurement, Communication & Reporting and Programming Support.


Twinning Section is responsible from various aspects in the cycle of Twinning and Twinning Light Contracts including preparation of Twinning Fiches, conducting the necessary steps for selection of suitable Twinning partners among candidates, contract preparation as well as implementation of contracts.


Grant Section is responsible for the management of Grants and Direct Grants which are the financial contributions made by the European Commission by way of donation to one or more beneficiaries for the purpose of carrying out an action or implementing a program.


The Procurement Section is responsible for tendering and contracting of Service, Supply and Works tenders of EU funded programs.

Communication & Reporting

The main purpose of the Communication and Reporting Section is to ensure and enhance the communication with the other institutions and stakeholders; manage activities in order to increase the visibility and recognition of our Unit and enables the sustainability of these activities and raise the corporate awareness by making sure of strong internal communication.

Project Management

The Project Management (PM) Section represents the Contracting Authority during the implementation of the contracts and ensures the sound execution of the Service, Supply and Work contracts in accordance with the contract conditions.

Programming Support

Programming Support Section is responsible for ensuring the upfront programming and planning activities starting from the initiation of a project idea in order to capitalize its reserve of accumulated experience and expertise as the Contracting Authority to the programs and project designs.