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Collaboration Network

The CFCU possesses extensive expertise in managing numerous EU funded programmes and projects and has established strong and professional collaborations with its partners at national and international levels during the last two decades beginning from its establishment.

The CFCU conducts its operations in various kind of sectors including education, civil society, energy, agriculture, public administration by:

  • Providing guidance and inputs to the programming documents,
  • Launching tenders and call for proposals and concluding the award procedures,
  • Implementation, monitoring and administrative-financial management of the projects,
  • Presenting comprehensive and in-depth administrative and financial reports to national and international authorities,
  • Organization of trainings through CFCU Academy and provision of consultancy to the stakeholders at all level.

With its capability of directing operations in line with project cycle management approach, the CFCU always seek to accomplish the defined goals and achieve the results qualitatively beyond the expectations of the stakeholders containing scholars, contactors, foundations, associations, companies, international organizations and public administrations.