Our Director attended International Symposium on Product Safety

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Genel Duyurular

Our Director attended International Symposium on Product Safety

"Technical Assistance for Awareness Raising in the Areas of Product Safety, Market Surveillance and Conformity Assessment” project contributes to increase the awareness in the fields of product safety, market surveillance and conformity assessment for better implementation of EU technical legislation.


Considerable work has been carried out in order to contribute to the effective implementation of market surveillance and conformity assessment, as well as to increase awareness in these areas and ensure better implementation of EU technical legislation.


Product safety is an important issue that is related to almost every aspect of our lives. How aware are we, our families and loved ones about this issue? How many of us has known the CE mark, which means Conformite Europeene 'Conformity to European Norms', and how many of us has been checking whether it was on the products we bought? With the activities of our project, we are now more aware and more conscious.


Our children in schools, our youth in universities, and our citizens in markets are now more familiar with this sign, which shows that the products we use meet the minimum requirements in terms of health, safety, environment and consumer protection in accordance with the "New Approach Directives". Those people know that when  the product they use is thought to be not safe, they can report to "urunguvenligi.gov.tr", which was established with this Project and from which they can also find unsafe products; they also know that using safe products is not only the responsibility of market surveillance and inspection authorities, and they know their responsibilities in this area.